1. daddysbottom:

    Oh yeah, this is much better than the last one. I think he will do just fine.

    "Great. He has also commit to us for the next 12 months, so things are all set."

    Has he signed all the necessary legal papers and did all the medical check?

    "Yes, and he’s clean based on the medical results. He has consented to being fucked and fucking without any protection."

    Good, good! I am certain that the members of the Board of Directors of this company will be very pleased with him. But I think, as the CEO, I should be the first one to give hi a test drive, don’t you think?

    "Oh, I agree, Sir. That’s why the bedroom suite is ready for you to use as long as you like. I’ve cleared out all your appointments for the rest of the day."

    Well done. And I think you should also call my wife and tell her that I will be busy with work and will just spend the night here. Get her the diamond necklace that she had been eying the past week and have it delivered this evening.

    "Consider it done, Sir."

    Good. Now it’s time for me to see how good this boy is.

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